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Crop Making Considerable Progress


Rice fields in South Louisiana and Texas are beginning to go to permanent flood. The weather has started to cooperate, bringing less windy conditions, and we are beginning to catch up on herbicide applications. Overall, the rice crop is beginning to look better due to warmer weather and fields getting flooded.

Early estimates are that there are more than 80,000 acres of PVL03 in my territory. The variety has shown a lot of vigor and the weed control of the Provisia® herbicide is excellent. Recently, the Provisia herbicide label was changed to allow for three sequential applications, though the total rate of herbicide has not changed. This third application should help tremendously in controlling any escapes that may occur. Remember that higher spray volumes provide more consistent control with this herbicide system. 

Planting in Louisiana has slowed to a crawl, but seed is still going into the ground all across the region. West of Houston, planting is pretty much done. Planting is also winding down in the Beaumont area.

I hope to see you at our Louisiana Field Day on June 28 at Richard Farms in Kaplan. Mark this on your calendar and look for more information coming soon. In the meantime, if you would like me to look at something or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Corey Conner
District Field Representative

2022 Horizon Ag Louisiana Field Day

Please mark your calendars for the 2022 Horizon Ag
Louisiana Field Day on June 28.

It will be held on Christian Richard’s farm near
Kaplan beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Experimental Provisia lines at the LSU AgCenter in Crowley, Louisiana.
Experimental Provisia lines at the LSU AgCenter in Crowley, Louisiana. These plots have been sprayed and fertilized and are going to flood this week.


We’ve reached what appears to be a crossroads in Mississippi as far as planting progress goes. The south end of the state is 95% planted, and, as you move north into Bolivar and Sunflower counties, growers are finished or are over halfway finished planting. There are a few areas, due to weather or dirt work, that are still waiting to be planted, but not many.

From the center of the state, as you move north, planted acres appear to be much more sporadic. I’ve spoken with a few growers in Quitman and Tunica counties who are struggling to make progress due to rain. The bulk of the acres in those counties are not yet planted, and individual farms are sitting anywhere from 0% to 70% on their planting progress.

North Louisiana appears to have made up some ground in planting over the last two weeks despite the rain. Estimates on progress in North Louisiana is somewhere between 50% to 70% depending on who you talk to. That will most likely change greatly over the next 10 days, given the forecast. I look for North Louisiana to be closer to 80% to 85% complete in two weeks. There may be some late acres of row rice added in North Louisiana if rice prices hold and soybeans continue to soften. A lot of that will depend on what urea does over the next 30 days.

The earliest planted rice is fast approaching flood. I am also hearing of some off-target herbicide drift injury on some of the earliest-planted rice. Looking at the forecast, it looks like there will be an opportunity to get some more acres planted over the next stretch and it also looks like favorable growing conditions for what rice we do have planted.

Tim Jett
District Field Representative

Seed increase of CLL19 planted at 6 lbs./acre. This line could be commercialized for the 2024 season.


We have finally found the window we have been looking for this week. Rice is getting planted at a rapid pace. I believe we are around 60% planted at this point and could be very close to being finished by the weekend. I have spoken with some folks who have told me that they are near 90% planted.

The rice that was planted 7-10 days ago is emerging this week, and I expect anything planted now will be out of the ground in the same time frame. Some of the earliest rice I know about will be getting a fertilizer and flood recommendation this week. Post-herbicide applications are going out, with some getting the pre-flood herbicide application.

William “Hutch” Hutchens
District Field Representative


Planting in my territory has gone much better in the past two weeks. I would estimate we are 40% to 45% planted, and, by the end of this week, we could be closer to 80% planted if the weather forecast holds true. The earliest planted rice in my area is emerged and is looking very good. Most of this rice is in the 2-3 leaf stage and should be ready for a Newpath® application.

The later-planted rice, and even what will be planted soon, will come out of the ground rather quick with this warm weather and a few showers in the long-range forecast. If rice planting continues into the end of May, I highly recommend switching from our traditional varieties to CLL16. This variety has proven to sustain great yield potential even in the later-planted windows. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your continued support of Horizon Ag.

Chase Kagen
District Field Representative


We made decent planting progress with almost all areas able to get something in the ground. Some folks worked around the clock from April 29 to May 2 where possible. Rain put a halt to planting last Monday (May 2) and we received another storm last Thursday (May 5). Between the two storms, most areas received multiple inches of rain, causing us to miss all of last week. However, we have been dry and temperatures have really warmed up since then, which will definitely speed up emergence for the rice that was planted.

The 10-day forecast looks very favorable and should allow for us to make a good run at finishing what rice acres still need to be planted. Please let me know if you need anything as we make the final push here in the month of May.

Jason Satterfield
District Field Representative

New Seeding App Available

Horizon Ag has created and launched a new mobile app that rice farmers will find a valuable resource when it comes to variety selection and planting.

The Horizon Ag Productivity app provides easy access to seeding rates information and a drill calibration tool for 2022 Horizon Ag Clearfield® and Provisia® varieties. It also makes it easy to connect with retailers in your local area who sell top-performing Horizon Ag varieties like CLL16, CLL17 and PVL03.

The app is available by searching “Horizon Ag” in the App Store or Google Play or by going to http://onelink.to/zrpbkn on your mobile device.