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Favorable Weather Speeding Harvest Efforts


Harvest across the southern region has wrapped up. The second crop harvest in Louisiana and west of Houston should kick off soon.

Fall preparation of fields to be planted in 2023 is well underway. We firmly believe the acreage of PVL03 will increase substantially in 2023, based on its performance this past season. With this being said, it is very important to start clean and stay clean. Winter weed control is an important part of this.

Additionally, there are advantages to drilling rice into a stale seedbed at a uniform depth. Larger weed carcasses can negatively impact seed-to-soil contact as well as uniformity of seed depth. Finally, with lots of vegetation at planting or a thick mat of dead weed carcasses, coverage of preemergence or delayed preemergence herbicides can be hindered. Therefore, fall herbicides can greatly help seed performance in 2023.

If you would like me to look at something or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Corey Conner
District Field Representative

PVL03 with very good yields at Christian and Julie Richard’s farm near Kaplan, Louisiana.


Rice harvest appears to be at least 75% complete in Mississippi. I’d guess that most of the remaining rice is ready to cut, except for a small amount that was planted very late. Some farmers have shifted to harvesting beans.

Yields in Mississippi appear to be holding up, but I am not hearing milling reports as most rice is going directly to on-farm bins. I have been very impressed with the yield performance and stability of CLL16. Test weights have been really good.

Harvest progress in North Louisiana is similar to Mississippi, if not slightly ahead. Yields and millings have been all over the board, based on the farmers I’ve talked with to this point. Row rice yields appear to be down significantly compared to paddy rice.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

Tim Jett
District Field Representative


Harvest has been moving right along with the great harvest weather we’ve had. The only thing that has slowed harvest recently is high moisture on the latest-planted rice. I would estimate that 80%-90% of the rice crop in the territory has been harvested at this point.

I expected the later rice that is being harvested to be more consistent in yield, but I have still been hearing yields that have been up and down, ranging from 170 to 200 bushels per acre. Millings that I’ve heard about so far have been mixed, ranging from the mid-to- upper-40s to 60s on whole basis. PVL03 has had excellent milling numbers so far.

The weather has also provided a window for fall ground preparation that we have not had in a few years. I have seen fields that have been burned and tilled, and even some fall fertilizer being applied. If the forecast holds, we should be wrapping up the rice harvest in the territory in the next 10-14 days.

William “Hutch” Hutchens
District Field Representative

PVL03 harvest at Tanner Seed Farms near Bernie, Missouri


Fall has officially arrived, and with it comes football, cooler weather and changing leaves. The rice landscape across my territory is also changing at a rapid pace.

Although the harvest season took a bit longer to get started, growers in my territory are making up ground quickly. We are approximately 65%-70% harvested in my territory, and with the great 10-day weather forecast, they will get very close to being finished in the next couple of weeks. Yields have stabilized some in the later-planted rice and seem to be good.

As we feared throughout the year, fields with high grass pressure and low well capacity have taken a step back in yield. Both CLL18 and CLL16 have continued to yield extremely well across my territory. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you for your continued support of Horizon Ag.

Chase Kagen
District Field Representative

CLL18 approaching harvest in Bernie, Missouri


Harvest is moving along nicely in Missouri and northeast Arkansas. Rice yields appear to be decent across the board. Initial yield reports for CLL16 are very good. I have not heard enough milling reports to give a fair assessment.

We did have a line of thunderstorms move through the territory last Saturday evening, with reports of straight-line wind damage in Greene and Mississippi counties in Arkansas and the southern tip of the Missouri Bootheel. Unfortunately, the rice did lodge in spots, and some shattering was observed where hail was the worst from this narrow line of storms. Thankfully, the forecast looks great, and if it holds true, we should get a large portion of this crop harvested over the next two weeks. Please give me a call if I can be of any help.

Please give me a call if I can be of any help.

Jason Satterfield
District Field Representative