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Harvest Wrapping Up in Coastal Region, Gaining Speed in the North Delta

Rice harvest is all but complete in South Louisiana and on the west side of Houston, Texas. The east side of Houston has been plagued by frequent rains that have slowed harvest progress and are creating some challenges for overall crop performance.

As we move up into the Upper Delta, Mississippi farmers finished last week on their five-year pace of 44% harvested, whereas Arkansas and Missouri were both well below the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) five-year average harvest pace.

A cold front came through the Upper Delta Sunday and dropped temperatures and humidity. Early morning temperatures in the Memphis area have been in the upper 50s most days this week, with mid- 80s during the day. The seven-day forecast is very favorable for harvest, with slightly above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation.


Corey Conner, Horizon Ag District Field Representative covering South Louisiana and Texas, reports that overall, the Coastal Region crop yields were good. The rainy harvest created numerous challenges, and the later-maturing rice yields dropped considerably.

Several thousand acres of Horizon Ag CLL16 were planted in South Louisiana, and those yields tended to hold pretty well, even in later-planted rice. Another bright spot has been the good milling from Horizon Ag PVL03 in a year where millings have been erratic. Overall, the ratoon crop is progressing and looking pretty good. We expect there will be some variability in the ratoon crop, as stubble management and rutting from the wet harvest will play a big factor in the final outcome.

CLL16 harvest in Bolivar County, Mississippi.


Rice harvest on the Grand Prairie has clipped the 50% complete mark, according to Hutch Hutchens, Horizon Ag District Field Representative for the region. Yields have been quite erratic, and early milling numbers were well below average. However, a field of PVL03 that did mature during the hottest periods did cup heavy (45.3 lb./bushel) and milled outstanding (60/70). We are moving into later-planted rice that may have avoided more of the extreme heat we encountered during July.

Harvest progress in Mississippi is similar to the Prairie; however, yields seem to be pretty good across the board, says Horizon Ag District Field Representative Tim Jett. Though yields are mainly being estimated by trucks and yield monitors, test weights have been really good (44–45 lb./bushel) for CLL16. As you move into Tunica County in North Mississippi, harvest is not as far along, but the weather forecast looks like they will be able to make up some ground when the combines get rolling.

PVL03 approaching harvest near Qulin, Missouri.


Harvest in North Arkansas began to make considerable progress this week. Similar to the Grand Prairie, the few yield reports out are all over the board, says District Field Representative Chase Kagen.

As you move into far Northeast Arkansas and the Missouri Bootheel, harvest is just beginning to get underway. Horizon Ag District Field Representative Jason Satterfield says it will be another week or so before we get a handle on the 2022 rice harvest there.

Just as commercial rice is being harvested, we are beginning to see research plot harvest data come in. PVL03 has been much better than expected. CLL16 has performed as advertised, consistently producing high yields regardless of geography. The limited launch of CLL18 in 2023 can’t come fast enough, as it is also ringing the bell in plot yields all across the southern U.S. rice growing region.

We wish all of our partners a safe, bountiful harvest and look forward to coming alongside you once again with our excellent slate of high-performing Clearfield® and Provisia® varieties.