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PVL03: Maximize the Opportunity With Right Seeding Rate

As planting is off to a fast start in the coastal rice producing region, we first want to say thank you for supporting Horizon Ag branded Clearfield® and Provisia® rice varieties. We remain steadfast in our partnerships and commitment to bringing you the best, most proven rice seed and trait technology each season to help maximize your crop’s performance and profitability. And we are particularly excited about this season’s lineup of elite Provisia and Clearfield varieties.

To that end, many farmers will be trying the new Provisia rice variety PVL03 this season. Based on testing and performance research, we’re excited to say PVL03 is the best Provisia variety yet, with outstanding yield and quality potential, thePi-ta and Pi-ks blast-resistance genes and a gene for Cercospora resistance. PVL03 has also earned a reputation for having excellent stalk strength.

PVL03 needs to be managed differently than earlier Provisia varieties, particularly when it comes to seeding rate.

PVL01 and PVL02 were able to be drilled at 35-50 pounds per acre with very little, if any, impact on yield. PVL03 drilled at 35 pounds per acre will most likely leave substantial yield on the table. In limited seeding rate data, for every plant population less than 15 plants per square foot, PVL03 yielded 200 pounds less per acre.

Our recommendation is 50–60 pounds

of treated PVL03 seed per acre.

We need 15–20 surviving and uniformly spaced plants per square foot. Treated seed drilled into good soil conditions typically results in about 65% to 70% surviving plants. To achieve 15–20 plants per square foot with 70% of the seeds making a viable plant, you should drill about 25 seeds per square foot. PVL03 has 17,511 seeds per pound, therefore you need 62 pounds per acre of seed to achieve 25 seeds per square foot.

As a comparison, PVL02 has 21,044 seeds per pound. To arrive at 25 seeds per square foot, you can plant 52 pounds per acre or 20% less seed.

PVL03 has really good yield potential and should be more stable across environments because of its drastically improved disease package. We encourage you all to maximize the opportunity this variety gives you from both yield and weed control.

The Provisia Rice System has already proven to be one of the most effective weed management tools available for Southern rice.
Provisia varieties have very good tolerance to the Provisia herbicide; therefore, a safener isn’t required, unlike with the Max-Ace® and Highcard™ variety/herbicide tandem. The Provisia Rice System is a more robust system, which is better for the overall industry. Best of all, farmers have seen Provisia work and are using it to completely turn around thousands of acres lost to weedy hybrid rice and resistance issues.

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It’s a great place to hear what farmers are saying about how those varieties are achieving solid results on their farms, and to download tools like our 2022 Season Brochure.