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Weather Dominates Rice Picture Throughout the South


Weather continues to be an issue for the crop in south Louisiana and Texas. Winds have been strong with the past two systems and are forecasted to be a factor for the system we will get this week. The strong winds have made herbicide applications difficult and are causing physical damage to seedlings that are drill planted. In water-seeded fields, the winds have been pushing around the seedlings not yet attached to the soil. Temperatures have improved a little, but nighttime temperatures are a still little lower than what they should be at this time of year in both Texas and South Louisiana.

The crop is beginning to move, but it is still a little slow. In Texas, I would say that 85% to 90% of the crop west of Houston is planted. Planting on the east side of Houston is starting to ramp up and they are close to 40% planted in that area. In south Louisiana, we are about 75% to 80% planted.

If you would like me to look at something or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Corey Conner
District Field Representative


Planting has been happening sporadically in North Louisiana over the last two weeks, where soil conditions and weather have cooperated. Mississippi got a pretty decent start the last week of March and the first few days of April. Due to rain, however, farmers were held out until this past weekend, when some planting resumed in both North Louisiana and Mississippi. Unfortunately, the system that came in Tuesday and Wednesday has once again stalled planting. Rice that was planted in late March has germinated, but continued cooler temperatures are hampering emergence at this point.

Tim Jett
District Field Representative

It’s been a slow start to the season across much of the region, thanks to wet conditions.


We finally had some dry weather and dry ground at the end of last week and over the weekend. There was as much progress made as possible with the short window we had. I would estimate 5% to 10% of the acres are planted across my territory right now. Field prep and drilling/planting operations have been going as fast as they possibly can.

The mid-week storm system will once again bring progress to a halt. Some levees were also being pulled in various areas in preparation for the rain. There has been some talk of rice being water-seeded in some spots as well. We need that 10- to 15-day window where we can make substantial progress on getting this crop planted and growing.

William “Hutch” Hutchens
District Field Representative


Planting in my territory has been extremely sporadic and very scarce due to the less than desirable weather conditions. There are high probabilities for rain this week and continuing into the weekend. We need a considerable break in the wet weather pattern to get a significant portion of this crop planted in April. To date, we are less than 5% planted in my territory.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your continued support of Horizon Ag.

Chase Kagen
District Field Representative


Weather, like many other factors, has not been ideal for farmers up to this point. There is no significant percentage to discuss in terms of planting progress in my territory. Both the Missouri Bootheel and most of Northeast Arkansas received rain from April 4–6. On Monday, April 11, we received two inches or more in many parts of my territory, and the forecast calls for more rain on April 12 and 13.

We may begin to see some shift away from corn acres at this point if this weather pattern continues. The 10-day forecast has some promise of dry weather, but it will definitely be after Easter before we can hope to make a good run at planting.

I am here to help, and I look forward to working with you this season. Please give me a call if I can be of any assistance.

Jason Satterfield
District Field Representative

Seven-Day Cumulative Precipitation Forecast

Wednesday, April 13 through Wednesday, April 20


Seven-Day Cumulative Precipitation Forecast Wednesday, April 13 through Wednesday, April 20 https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/#page=qpf

New Resource App Available

Horizon Ag has created and launched a new mobile app that rice farmers will find a valuable resource when it comes to variety selection and planting.

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The app is available by searching “Horizon Ag” in the App Store or Google Play or by going to http://onelink.to/zrpbkn on your mobile device.