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With Most Rice Planted, Attention Shifts To Timely Crop Management


The rice crop in South Louisiana and Texas is beginning to look very promising, with most of the acres now at permanent flood. Warmer temperatures, nitrogen applications and the onset of permanent flood have this crop moving at a good pace. The crop is approaching or just past green ring, when the plant switches from vegetative to reproductive growth.

Fungicide application timings are on the horizon, so scouting will become important. Sheath blight is always a disease that needs to be scouted for closely. I also recommend scouting for blast, even though a variety may have resistance to that pathogen.

Warm, dry weather has prevailed in recent weeks for both regions. This past weekend brought rains, and we are expecting more this week. In South Louisiana, we have received two to three inches of rain. The rain will help supply surface water in some areas south of I-10. Rain is needed in Texas for rice and other crops.

Planting is pretty much wrapped up in South Louisiana and Texas, except for a few fields. Our newest Provisia® variety, PVL03 is by far the most popular Horizon Ag variety in my territory. CLL16 has quite a bit of interest, too, especially later in the planting window.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to look at something or have any questions.

Corey Conner
District Field Representative

2022 Horizon Ag Louisiana Field Day

Please mark your calendars for the 2022 Horizon Ag
Louisiana Field Day on June 28.

It will be held on Christian Richard’s farm near
Kaplan beginning at 5:00 p.m.

CLL16 ready for flooding in Bolivar County, Mississippi.


We’re pretty much finished planting in my territory except for a few acres here and there. The way the forecast looks, there will undoubtedly be some acres that drag out into June, but it’s not going to be much. Some areas in North Mississippi were able to make some progress in the last 10 days to get caught up in planting progress. The forecast looks pretty wet in the near term, which I know some guys are desperate for while others are praying the rains hold off.

The earliest planted rice is headed to flood, but it seems to be moving slowly. Timing on fertilizer and herbicide applications has become an issue in some areas. Weather conditions have slowed applications, and grass control has been a challenge in portions of the earliest planted rice, which is likely to generate some salvage applications.

North Louisiana is tracking similarly to Mississippi in planting progress. Acres in North Louisiana are down, by most accounts.

Tim Jett
District Field Representative

Horizon Ag’s new high amylose long grain CLHA02 on the Arkansas Grand Prairie.


Things have come to a halt after the rain we received over the weekend. I think the territory is 99% planted at this point. There could be a few fields that are left to be planted, but I do not believe it to be many.

Some farmers were able to get some fields sprayed and fertilized before the wind picked up last week. Now, however, most are waiting for the ground to dry up and to get past the next rain chance for Wednesday (May 25). Once we get past that and the ground dries up, there will be several fields that will get sprayed, fertilized and flooded if the wind cooperates.

The rice that I see looks really good at this point. This year, we may have to deal with a little more grass in the crop than we would like due to chemical costs and the wind not cooperating with us to get things sprayed, but time will tell. I have gotten some questions about the tolerance to Newpath® on the newer Clearfield® varieties the past few days. Horizon Ag Clearfield varieties have excellent tolerance to Newpath herbicide.

William “Hutch” Hutchens
District Field Representative


In spite of the abnormal rainfall, planting in my region is approximately 95% of the intended acreage. Farmers ran very long hours for days at a time to make it happen. Most of the later planted rice is starting to germinate, and some of it has emerged. The earliest planted rice will be sprayed, fertilized and flooded next week. Overall, the crop looks really good. But if we continue to run into rainy weather patterns, it could make it extremely difficult to spray in a timely manner, which could make for some disastrous situations for grass control.

We look forward to hosting an in-person field day this year in Northeast Arkansas. It will be on August 18 at the University of Arkansas’ new research facility in Harrisburg. Please be on the lookout for information and invitations in the coming weeks. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support of Horizon Ag.

Chase Kagen
District Field Representative


Everything possible has happened in the last two weeks. The majority of the rice crop was planted, rice started to emerge in a lot of fields, some fields, unfortunately, had to be flushed and a small number of acres quickly began approaching permanent flood. Also, between pulling levees, getting fields sprayed and lining up fertilizer, there has been a lot of action.

I believe we have planted almost all of the rice acres that we are going to see for the 2022 growing season. There are still a few unplanted acres that never dried out, especially around the river bottoms. Because of the rain last weekend, when we received a couple of inches in most areas, and the wet forecast starting today (May 24), those acres are a long shot to be planted. On the flip side, we really needed rain, as a lot of rice was on the verge of being flushed and herbicides were awaiting activation. I am thankful that we were given this window to get planted and that the challenge was met head-on by the farmers in Arkansas and Missouri. Please give me a call if I can be of any help.

Jason Satterfield
District Field Representative

New Seeding App Available

Horizon Ag has created and launched a new mobile app that rice farmers will find a valuable resource when it comes to variety selection and planting.

The Horizon Ag Productivity app provides easy access to seeding rates information and a drill calibration tool for 2022 Horizon Ag Clearfield® and Provisia® varieties. It also makes it easy to connect with retailers in your local area who sell top-performing Horizon Ag varieties like CLL16, CLL17 and PVL03.

The app is available by searching “Horizon Ag” in the App Store or Google Play or by going to http://onelink.to/zrpbkn on your mobile device.