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Five Reasons to Plant Horizon Ag Varieties in Louisiana in 2023

By Scott McClure

As Louisiana rice farmers take stock of 2022 variety performance and start planning for 2023, there are a lot of reasons to consider elite-performing varieties from Horizon Ag, from outstanding yield potential to grain quality and return on investment. The following are five important reasons to consider Horizon Ag varieties for your farm. 

1.     PVL03 in the Provisia® Rice System Is the Best Choice for Controlling Weedy Rice.

Coming off a strong performance year in 2022, PVL03 in the Provisia Rice System clearly stood apart from the other ACCase-inhibitor herbicide system available, showing better herbicide tolerance without a safener, better weedy rice control and better overall performance.

At last summer’s Horizon Ag Louisiana Field Day, LSU AgCenter weed scientist Dr. Connor Webster told attendees that the Max-Aceä system with Highcardä herbicide faced challenges. He noted that, unlike Provisia herbicide, Highcard herbicide has to have a safener since Max-Acre rice doesn’t have the same level of tolerance as Provisia rice.

“Even with the safener, we are picking up a good bit of injury,” said Dr. Webster. “With a safener in the system, a big question early on was, ‘Is it going to safen on the weed spectrum?’ and the quick answer is yes, to some degree. In my plots, looking at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 ounces of Highcard on Max-Ace side-by-side with Provisia rice, the general number is about a 10% difference in control. I am having some misses with Highcard in my Max-Ace rice compared to my Provisia rice.”

“PVL03 has good tolerance of Provisia herbicide, and the herbicide doesn’t need a safener,” adds Dr. Tim Walker, Horizon Ag general manager. “It’s the best system available today for weedy rice. Farmers have heard all the stories out there this year about performance and issues with other technologies. The bottom line is we can’t afford to be safe on weeds.”

Overall, PVL03 was a standout variety in 2022 in terms of high yields and providing good milling quality. “PVL03 is the Provisia variety many in the industry were waiting for, and it was planted on a lot of acres this year,” says Dr. Walker. “All indications are it will be in strong demand in 2023.”

PVL03 was a standout variety in 2022 in terms of high yields and providing good milling quality.

2.     CLL16 Is Making Believers.

Horizon Ag elite Clearfield® variety CLL16 again showed why it has earned a place on a large acreage across the South, reinforcing its reputation as the “complete package” for yields, quality and consistent performance.

Among the comments about CLL16 from some of the farmers in Horizon Ag 2022 Demo Surveys:

  • “(This was) my first time to use CLL16. I was very pleased with the stand. It tillered out well and grew out well. Weight at harvest was good, and I was pleased with the quality of the grain. I am planning on putting CLL16 into my rotation for 2023.”

  • “It was the best-looking rice I had on the farm. I had some sheath blight that needed spraying, but that was pretty much the only issue.”

  • “There was nothing about the variety I did not like.”

“This is a variety yielding 200-plus bushels per acre consistently across a wide range of geographies while offering the advantages of a Clearfield variety at a lower seed cost than hybrids,” says Dr. Walker. “Our goal is to constantly improve, and we continually strive to be better, but CLL16 is as close to the complete package as we’ve seen in a pure-line variety. It’s got high yield potential, good milling package quality and rice export quality, good disease tolerance, good standability, good early season vigor and herbicide tolerance.

CLL16 will be in high demand next season, especially since it has shown it is broadly adapted to perform across the southern rice region, from the Missouri Bootheel to the rice production areas west of Houston, Texas. Its performance last year in Louisiana, in particular, generated some attention.

“There is a lot of interest from farmers in my area about CLL16 availability and its fit for their farms,” says Corey Conner, Horizon Ag District Field Representative in south Louisiana. “It’s a little later maturing, so it may not be a good fit for ratooning, but, that being said, it has proven to be a very strong performer where we are only cutting one crop.”

CLL16 has shown it is broadly adapted to perform well across the southern rice region.

3.     0% Financing for Seed and Crop Protection Materials

With rising interest rates expected to significantly impact borrowing costs, Southern rice growers have an opportunity to take advantage of 0% APR1,2 financing for their Horizon Ag rice seed and BASF crop protection purchases through partnerships with either John Deere Financial or Rabo AgriFinance for the 2023 crop.

“These are the times, when interest rates and other costs are on the rise, that taking advantage of 0% financing can give farmers a significant edge when it comes to managing their finances and cash flow,” says Dr. Walker. “For years, Horizon Ag has worked with BASF to bring new technologies to market that give rice farmers more options, flexibility and opportunities to improve profitability. This season, we are again excited to work with both leading ag financing partners to provide options to help our customers be more successful.”

You can contact your BASF Authorized Retailer or Horizon Ag Authorized Retailer for more information about these special offers.

4.     Popular, Proven Varieties

Horizon Ag varieties like CL111, CL151, CLL17, CLHA02 and CLJ01 have won a place on many farms in the South because of their performance potential year after year. Over the seasons, farmers have learned how to manage these reliable lines and have confidence in their ability to achieve maximum results.

For instance, CLL17 offers outstanding potential when it is planted early in the planting window and nitrogen recommendations are followed. With these varieties, farmers can get the proven effectiveness of the Clearfield system, many at a price point below many newer seed lines.


5.     The Horizon Ag Productivity App Helps With Decision Making.

Horizon Ag has created a mobile app that will be a valuable resource for rice farmers as they begin planning, variety selection and planting.

The Horizon Ag Productivity App provides easy access to seeding rate information, a drill calibration tool and other decision-making features for 2023 Horizon Ag Clearfield and Provisia varieties.

This app also makes it easy to connect with retailers in your area who sell top-performing Horizon Ag varieties like CLL16, CLL17 and PVL03. The app is available by searching for “Horizon Ag” in the App Store or Google Play.

For more information about Horizon Ag elite varieties, contract your Regional Horizon Ag District Field Representative or go to www.Horizonseed.com.

1 Offer valid on qualifying purchases made between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Offer limited to Multi-Use Account Agricultural customers with an available Special Terms limit. Subject to the Multi-Use Account credit agreement and approval. Fixed 0% APR from the date of purchase, which may be prior to delivery, until December 2023, when the entire transaction amount is due in full. Regular Multi-Use Account rates will apply after that date. Offer is subject to change without prior notice due to unpredicted changes in market conditions. Changes to offer will not impact previously posted transactions. Offer may be limited to qualifying products. $5,000 minimum purchase required. Subject to merchant participation, see your local merchant for complete details. Multi-Use Accounts are a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. Always read and follow label directions.

2 Other limitations may apply. See full program terms and conditions for further details. Credit subject to Rabo AgriFinance approval, terms and conditions. Must be a Rabo AgriFinance authorized retailer. Qualifying transactions must be submitted for payment by the program dates noted above in order to receive the incentive interest rate.

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