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November is a Time To Give Thanks and Reflect

The arrival of November signals many things in Rice Country:

  • The end of another season, one that brought us the usual mix of challenges and opportunities
  • The last games of the college football season and hopes for a bowl game invitation for our favorite team
  • A little freedom to head to the woods for hunting or just to spend quality time with family and friends

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a time to reflect and give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy and often take for granted.

At Horizon Ag, we’re thankful for our farmer customers, consultants and business partners. We’re thankful we have an opportunity to work together in an industry playing such an important role in producing the food needed to keep the world fed.

We are proud to have supported you this year, providing superior seed and agronomic support to help you get the most out of your hard work and investment. Despite the challenges we face as an industry, we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, and we look forward to standing with you when we do it all again next year.

We wish each of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

CLL16 Is Making Believers

With the end of the season, it’s time to reflect on what we learned from 2022 and how we can apply those experiences in 2023. 

We’re excited to report that Horizon Ag elite Clearfield® variety CLL16 again showed why it has earned a place on a large acreage across the South, proving the accuracy of its reputation as the “complete package” for yields, quality and consistent performance.

Among the comments about CLL16 from some of the farmers in our 2022 Demo Surveys:

  • “(This was) my first time to use CLL16. I was very pleased with the stand. It tillered out well and grew out well. Weight at harvest was good, and I was pleased with the quality of the grain. I am planning on putting CLL16 into my rotation for 2023.”
  • “It was the best-looking rice I had on the farm. I had some sheath blight that needed spraying, but that was pretty much the only issue.”
  • “There was nothing about the variety I did not like.”

This is a variety yielding 200-plus bushels per acre consistently across a wide range of geographies while offering the advantages of a Clearfield variety at a lower seed cost than hybrids. At Horizon Ag, our goal is to constantly improve, and we continually strive to be better, but CLL16 is truly as close to the complete package as we’ve seen in a pure-line variety. It’s got high yield potential, good milling package quality and rice export quality, good disease tolerance, good standability, good early season vigor and herbicide tolerance.

CLL16 will be in high demand next season, especially since it has shown it is broadly adapted to perform across the southern rice region, from the Missouri Bootheel to the production areas west of Houston, Texas.

PVL03: The Best System for Weedy Rice Control

In 2022, Horizon Ag variety PVL03 and the Provisia® Rice System provided many farmers with the strong overall performance needed in a particularly challenging year – high yields, impressive milling quality, blast resistance and unmatched control of weedy rice and resistant grasses.

Its performance was confirmation that rice farmers now have a proven Provisia variety that can more than hold its own against elite Clearfield varieties. We have heard from farmers across South Louisiana who said that PVL03 did what it needed to do in terms of high yields and actually exceeded expectations by providing good milling quality in a year where millings, in general, were erratic.

PVL03 is the Provisia variety many in the industry were waiting for, and it was planted on a lot of acres this year. The proof of its value is in the impressive results that farmers saw in their fields, and we expect it to go on even more acres next season.

Although there is another ACCase inhibitor herbicide system available for rice, it is important to understand it is not the same as the Provisia Rice System. PVL03 has good tolerance of Provisia herbicide, and the herbicide doesn’t need a safener. It’s the best system available for weedy rice. Farmers have heard all the stories out there this year about performance and issues with other technologies. The bottom line is we can’t afford to be safe on weeds.

Dr. Connor Webster presenting Provisia BMPs to ag retailers at the recent Provisia Working Group meeting in Crowley, Louisiana.

It also will be important to follow the Best Management Practices recommended by the Provisia Working Group to minimize the threat of weedy rice outcrosses to the ACCase-inhibiting herbicide technology. Those recommendations are available in the Provisia Tech Bulletin on our site.

Get 0% APR Financing

With interest rates on the rise, consider taking advantage of 0% APR 1,2 financing for Horizon Ag seed and BASF crop protection purchases, through our partnerships with John Deere Financial or Rabo AgriFinance.

For years, Horizon Ag has worked with BASF to bring new technologies to market that give rice farmers more options, flexibility and opportunities to improve profitability. Taking advantage of 0% financing can provide a significant edge when it comes to managing finances and cash flow.

Both programs are available through September 30, 2023, with a maturity date of December 31, 2023. Contact your BASF Authorized Retailer or Horizon Ag Authorized Retailer for more information about these special offers.

Better Decisions With Our Productivity App

Horizon Ag has created a mobile app that rice farmers will be a valuable resource for farmers when it’s time for planning, variety selection and planting. 

The Horizon Ag Productivity App provides easy access to seeding rate information, a drill calibration tool, a ROI calculator and other decision-making features for 2023 Horizon Ag Clearfield and Provisia varieties.

This app also makes it easy to connect with retailers in your area who sell top-performing Horizon Ag varieties like CLL16, CLL18 (available in a limited launch) and PVL03.

The app is available by searching for “Horizon Ag” in the App Store or Google Play.

If you have any questions about Horizon Ag varieties, please contact your Horizon Ag District Field Representative or rice seed retailer. Additional information for elite Clearfield and Provisia varieties is available at HorizonSeed.com.

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