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Horizon Ag Clearfield® varieties offer excellent in-field performance, high yield potential and the quality grain and cooking properties that major food companies and mills demand.

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  • Earliest maturity of any Clearfield® variety
  • Excellent vigor with high yield potential
  • Outstanding grain quality and milling
  • Exceptional ratoon crop performance
  • Kellogg's® preferred long grain rice
  • Exceptional yield potential
  • Uses nitrogen efficiently
    - Manage nitrogen input to reduce lodging and disease pressure
  • Susceptible to blast; not recommended for fields with a history of blast or water issues
  • Exceptional seedling vigor
  • Yield potential equivalent to CL151
  • Outstanding grain quality and milling
  • Blast resistance
  • Lodging resistance
  • Second high-amylose, long-grain Clearfield release
  • Cheniere cook type
  • Improved yield over CL163
  • Moderately resistant to lodging
  • Excellent grain quality
  • Exceptional yield potential better than most widely grown jasmine-type rice varieties
  • Low chalk
  • Good grain length
  • Exceptional yield performance
  • Broadly adapted for the Delta region
  • Excellent milling characteristics
  • Industry-leading blast resistance
  • Excellent standability
  • Early-season, semi-dwarf long grain
  • Strong yielder, consistently out-yielding CL153
  • Requires lower nitrogen
  • Excellent milling yield
  • Resistant to blast and Cercospora
  • Very high yield potential
  • Conventional stature
  • Excellent straw strength
  • Matures 3 days earlier than CLL16
  • Good milling
  • Good tolerance to sheath blight
  • Limited Launch in 2023
  • First Clearfield medium grain released by the University of Arkansas
  • Yield potential similar to Jupiter
  • Very good grain quality
  • Improved blast resistance compared to Jupiter